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Four years ago Diane and Len from Base Camp Hope meet with my husband’ and I. Our marriage was dissolving, due to my Marine husband’s PTSD. Base Camp Hope helped me to understand what was happening in my husband’s mind and helped him understand his PTSD. Their help has been on going.
— A Marine's Wife
When I first met Diane and Mr. Len I was always in time out in kindergarten. Everything at home was upside down. I was afraid of losing Mommy and Daddy. Diane and Mr. Len talked with Mommy and Daddy, I know they are not going away and I now love school.
— Joe, age 6
I first started to talk to Base Camp Hope on Facebook, later we texted and Skype’d. After I realized I was talking to a Veteran, I was able to share some of my PTSD issues, they have been there 24/7 and have talked me through many issues.
— Ace