Base Camp Hope’s 2nd Annual No FireWorks 4th of July was an amazing, we had 18 Veterans and family members in attendance, there was great fellowship, plenty of food, good music, some great canoeing and kayaking, and NO FIREWORKS. We did have a nautical adventure, the report follow.

Hope to see you next year.

A report on the great nautical adventure of 2015

The decision to go canoeing / kayaking in the afternoon of the 4th seemed like a good way to relax. However as we came to our launch point we realized that in order to get to open water we had to cut a path through the cattails. As a group of Veterans this was no problem, we had done worse.

I was in the canoe with Noah and Ester; being the token Army Veteran we took the lead through the cattails. Once through we waited to make sure the kayaks would make it through the cattail trail. Soon all three emerged. However, we started to hear from the kayak that was manned by our Navy Veteran (Robbie) (now to be referred to as Navy) that he was taking on water. So our Air Force Veteran (now referred to as Air Force) came to his rescue, patching the hole in the kayak. As things were well in hand those of us in the canoe took off. We manage to irritate two sets of Trumpeter Swans, who were only protecting their babies, but highly suspected us of subversive activities. Our goal was a beach landing on the other side of the lake. After diverting the swans, investigating some suspicious looking lily pads we achieved a dazzling beach landing. Upon landing we notice our fleet had not traversed the waters. So, we backtracked to investigate.

Coming upon the three kayaks we noticed that Navy and Air Force looked somewhat soggy. A story of great distress followed: Just as Navy and Air Force had achieved open water for the second time, Air Force noticed that Navy looked a little wobbly, he was about to warn Navy; when Navy’s boat flipped heaving Navy into the water, he quickly rescued his cell phone and tossed it into Air Forces Kayak, trying to correct the situation Navy attempted to re-board his craft, he managed to get on top of the craft in a spread eagle fashion, just as Navy though all was under control, he and his craft rolled once again and sunk like the Titanic for the second time. About this time Air Force realized the need to rescue Navy. Being a kind hearted man he paddled over righted Navies craft and held it steady for the re-boarding. Navy then attempted to re-board a third time, in his endeavors not only did he sink his vessel, he sunk the Air Force, Air Force had presents of mind to rescue Navy’s phone.

This caused Air Force’s wife to take action, she sped to the rescue, helping both Navy and Air Force to re-board their vessels. That’s when Army (me) came upon them.

Later in the debriefing, Navy decided it was really the Marines fault that he shank his vessel three times (and took the Air Force down), as a Medic, the Marines kept Navy on land, more of a ground pounder than a seaman. Now, it is interesting the only true ground pounder in the group Army (me) managed to stay dry. As we continued our debriefing Navy started to empty his pockets to see what else might of gotten soaked. Out one pocket came a snail. At this time it is not clear when the snail tried to rescue Navy, but it gave its life doing so, not even Doc could bring it back to life. So in honor of the snail we have created an award to be given out every 4th of July.

On a side note, I started to receive inquiries about the great nautical disaster of July 4, 2015. I understand that throughout the United States as they heard of the 4 sinking’s, millions of hotdogs, hamburgers, brats, and marshmallows were incinerated with the words whispered “remember the Robbie”. The burning of the hotdogs (as it is now being called) will continue into late fall. As of today we are yet to hear from the brave snails family, so in 2016, No Fireworks 4th of July there will be a wreath lying to commemorate his bravery and great sacrifice.

A good time was had by all (except the snail). Don’t miss next years No Fireworks 4th of July (you just never know what will happen).


A Special Thank You to our Planning Team:

Robbie Bryant

Julie Thompson

Keith Thompson